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13 years of Marriage

Conan and I met when I accepted an internship at a church as a youth director back in March of 2006.  I made the move from a big city in Michigan to a very small country town in the middle of nowhere in Southern Illinois; which quite frankly creeped me out at first. Little did I know I would fall in love with the drummer of the praise & worship team at the church.  Our first date was May 11th (which he was 5 hours late for, by the way.) He had a good excuse! I instantly knew from the first date that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this man.  We were engaged July 26th of that same year and married on November 4th.  Hey when you know, you know! 




Our Children

I am currently based out of McLeansboro, Illinois. I moved down to Southern Illinois 12 years ago after meeting my husband at a church I was interning at. I am originally from Muskegon, Michigan and all of my side of the family still lives there. So as you can imagine, I am up there all the time visiting! I feel extra spoiled because I get to photograph in both places often. Hands down my most favorite thing to do for fun is TRAVEL!!! Hmmm...There’s an idea?!?!!! I could be a destination photographer! I get so giddy when I see new places and my instant reaction is to get out my camera and do this awesome photoshoot right then and there! Ahem!!! Excuse me while I sit and daydream a little bit. LOL! Anywho, My husband and I LOVE San Francisco, but I have been all around America and parts of Europe in a traveling drama ministry and loved every second of it. So many wonderful places out there, and I want to see more! 
In my spare time I do love to be outdoors. Playing with my kiddos. Anywhere near a beach is preferable, although Lake Michigan is HOME to me and will always be my first “Beach” love! I love being around friends and family. I would much rather have a huge crowd of people around me than EVER be by myself. I write this as my husband, Conan, cringes at my outrageous bubbly personality. LOL! I’m just kidding. He has grown into quite the social butterfly since I have married him as well. He is the one with a great sense of humor and always saying the right things at the right time. Sigh, I love him!!!
I am so blessed that I am able to use my gifts and talents of photography to provide my clients with some truly special moments that they will cherish forever! Whether it's working with a bride & groom, a family, an expecting mother or a high school senior, it’s an honor to be trusted to capture those special moments and I don’t take that lightly. By the end of it all, my goal is to have gained your trust and friendship! I have made so many friends in this business. Some of my clients have become some of the closest friends I have. Isn’t it awesome how God brings people together?!?!!! I hope you’ll stick around and follow me on my journeys. Feel free to follow me on instagram at
Have a wonderful day!