September 8, 2017

Adam & Rebekah’s Classy Outdoor Summer Wedding

This one is an emotional one for me.  I mean, Guys… this is my baby sister we are talking about.  Cue lots of tears.

I remember getting the call that late November evening.  Rebekah had been at a concert that night. Her and Adam went to go see their favorite band, Parachute.  But another band (Need to Breathe) was playing as well.  Which so happens to be one of my favorite bands.  She had been posting on social media all night, live videos of her and Adam at the concert.  When I got her call later that evening, she started the conversation off nonchalantly.  She asked me what I had done that night.  I was sitting on the couch doing nothing.. so I didn’t have a ton to say.  She then asked if I wanted to know what she had done that night.  Trying to indulge her, I said.. Sure.  I already knew she had been at that concert.  Little brat was rubbing it in.  LOL!  She went into detail of everything that happened that night.  How they had such a great time at the concert.  Then afterwards, Adam wanted to hang around Grand Rapids for a little while.  How they decided to walk across the Big Blue Bridge in downtown Grand Rapids.  How she was cold and snuggled up to him and thought it was weird that his heart seemed to be beating out of his chest.  Then to her surprise, he got down on one knee in the middle of the blue bridge and asked her to love him for the rest of his life.  The moment she had been waiting for her entire life was finally happening.  Folks, I lost it!!!  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  I HAD NO CLUE IT WAS COMING!!!  That’s what I get for living 8 hours away.   I was freaking out so loudly, that my husband made me go into our basement.  I was going to wake up the kids and they had school in the morning.  We talked and talked and instantly began wedding planning.

Fast forward 9 months later and Adam & Rebekah are newlyweds.  Just arriving back from their honeymoon just 2 days ago.  It kind of all went by so fast, its just a big blur now.  So I find it fitting to help them re-live their big day as their wedding gallery goes live!

There is so much that I loved about Adam & Rebekah’s big day!  They held the ceremony at Bella Maria’s Ristorante & Event Center.   A beautiful, classy event venue located in Muskegon, Michigan.  The wedding ceremony was held outside on the golf course and it looked spectacular with the view of the dunes as their backdrop!!!  As everyone started to get ready for the day… I soon became overwhelmed.  Rebekah had asked me to be her matron of honor as soon as she got engaged.  Being her older sister, I was truly honored.  I so wanted to be that for her.  But being a wedding photographer myself… I wanted to capture her big day as well.  I am very particular in the things I want captured.  So is Rebekah. So we had decided that I would try and do both.  I had made arrangements to have Kelli VanDonkelaar of Kelli Ann Design & Photography and Danielle Parker of Enchanted Photography to assist me.  I am so glad that I had them there..  Turns out, it was much easier said than done to do both jobs.  There is no way I could of captured everything by myself.  There were several times where I was just too busy doing other things to drop what I was doing and photograph.  So a huge shout-out to these 2 great, wonderful friends of mine. We are all so thankful that you both were there.

As the morning turned into afternoon, everyone started to get anxious.  Hair & Make-up was done and everyone was in their wedding attire.  There were lots of tears as the there were several emotional moments leading up to the wedding.  We all lost it when Rebekah had  her first look with her Dad.  He had not seen her in her wedding dress yet.  Rebekah did not want any of the guys in her family to see her in her dress until the wedding day. Even then, her dad was the only guy allowed to see her before the ceremony.  Rebekah is super close to our Mom & Dad and they have a special relationship. She gave them both presents during her first look with our Dad.  Cue more tears.  After that, Adam & Rebekah sent notes to each other to read before the ceremony.  Tammy (Adam’s Mom) cried with Adam during that.  It’s offical, our families are full of cryers.  It was pretty safe to say that we were going to be a mess during the actual ceremony.

The ceremony was packed, not an empty seat was found.  It was so wonderful to see everyone that showed up. Adam and Rebekah had so many people there that loved them.. As the ceremony started and the music began to play, I instantly burst into tears.  I ugly cried up the aisle the entire way.  I seriously could not stop.  When I tried to, audible sobs came out and I figured it was better to silent cry and let the tears flow then to make those hideous sounds.  LOL!   Everyone looked so good and did such a good job at remembering what to do.  Adam and Rebekah had included all their nieces and nephews in the wedding party.  Ethan & Anna were the Jr. Groomsemen and the Jr. Bridemaid (AKA Rebekah’s Mini-Me).  Treyton and Abby were the Ring Bearer and Flower Girl.  Treyton wore sunglasses and carried a briefcase that was labeled “Ring Security”  He definitely played that role to a T!  He had a straight face the entire time he walked down the aisle.  It was the cutest thing I ever saw. The ceremony was beautiful and perfectly Adam & Rebekah, right down to their own personal vows. Which may or may not have included Adam talking about how he loved it when him and Rebekah rapped to the Spice Girls; or when Rebekah talked about how they would always pick out their fantasy football draft together.  They are so great together.. I just love it!  They shared communion with each other and exchanged rings and before we knew it… They were husband and wife.

The rest of the day flew by.  Weddings are always busy… The reception was decorated with lots of bling.  Rebekah would have it no other way.  The tables were set.  Our Grandma Gail would be so proud.  She always had a table set for any special event. It really does look so much better that way.  She was a classy lady and we have learned so much from her.  We ate, we danced and visited the rest of the night.  Adam and Rebekah had a new sparkle in their eyes.  I just knew their hearts were full.

I am so excited to show you a glimpse into their day.  Feel free to share!

Vendors for this wedding include the following:

Wedding Dress: Zola Keller of Ft. Lauderdale

Bridesmaids Dresses: Alfred Angelo Bridal

Hair & Make-up: Danielle Rose & Caitlin Peters 

Lori Miller of Salon OHana

Tuxedo’s: Xedo 

Flowers: House of Chalet

Venue: Bella Maria’s Ristorante & Event Center

Cake: Ryke’s Bakery




Family Pictures



Bridal Party






Mr & Mrs. Lindstrom!

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Congratulations Adam & Rebekah!!!

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  1. Marquette says:

    These are beautiful! It’s always so special to get to photograph a sibling’s wedding. So many extra emotions tied in for sure! What an awesome day!

  2. Love this! I love how you broke up the images storytelling the day! 👏🏻👏🏻 So beautiful!

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