August 23, 2017

Matt & Lori’s Traverse City Elopement

I had never been to Traverse City before.  Even though I had lived in Michigan my whole childhood.  I never got a chance to go.  So walking around the city and seeing all the scenery was a DREAM!!!  Matt & Lori blessed me so much by allowing me to come with them to their very private wedding which took place at the gorgeous Grand Traverse Resort.  Ah-mazing!!! I work with the best couples… I’m convinced!!!!

It started off as a pretty overcast morning.  As I walked into the resort, I ran into Lori’s Dad (Richard) who was a bit concerned about the weather.  I assured him that cloudy days were no problem.  In fact it was a little easier on photographers as far as lighting goes.  And because it was an outdoor wedding, good lighting was crucial.  But it wasn’t long and the sun started to peek out and all appearances of gray skies disappeared.  YAY!!!

I then went to find Lori and Stephanie (Lori’s Matron of Honor) in the spa where they were getting their hair and make-up done.  Talk about “High Class”.  It was the Granddaddy of all spa’s.  At least that one’s I have been in.  I know they felt amazing after leaving that place.  As everyone was getting ready, I snapped a few pictures of some of their details.  We talked and played with Lakelyn (Matt & Lori’s adorable 1 year old daughter) She kept us all entertained.  Then before we knew it, it was time to go down to the lobby to take a shuttle over to the golf course on the 55th hole.  Which is where the ceremony took place.

The ceremony was simple but sweet, and perfectly Matt & Lori!  There was no fuss about anything.  FINALLY, they were MARRIED!!!

We took a few family photos and then Matt & Lori hopped into their Limo and we went on a tour of the city and took pictures at some amazing places.  Like Chateau Chantal.  A Vineyard at the top of the hill with Panoramic views.  Matt & Lori are so much fun to photograph.  There is never a dull moment.  Matt makes sure of it.  He was such a trooper and did everything that was asked.  Which makes my job so much easier.

We concluded the evening with a private dinner held at Harrington’s by the Bay!  The wait staff was wonderful and super attentive.  The food was so, so, so GOOD!  Matt & Lori made sure each and every guest was taken care of and we had such a good time.  As I finished capturing the rest of their day, I couldn’t help but think how much of an honor it was to spend the day with these people. I definitely felt like we were part of the family!

Enjoy some of my favorite moments of their big day!



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