July 21, 2017

Jim & Katie are MARRIED!!!

Michigan Wedding Photographer-106

Jim & Katie

Monday, July 17th, 2017

Muskegon, Michigan

You know those movies where the guy goes to a wedding with a friend because the friend didn’t want to go alone?  And…. where “said guy” tagging along at the wedding is stopped in his tracks when he lays eyes on the most beautiful woman he has ever seen? The same wedding where “said guy” gets up the nerve to start a conversation with this beautiful woman and a friendship develops instantaneously?

Yeah……  That was not this wedding! However, this is the exact story of how Jim & Katie were brought into each other’s life.  Jim being the “said guy” tagging along with a friend and Katie attending a wedding for one of her friends. On that fateful October day when they were least expecting it,  God moved in and fate was underway.  Friendship quickly grew into a deep love for each other and they had found what they were searching for.

Fast forward 9 months later… It was their turn!  Their BIG DAY!   (Hey, when you know, you know!)  The whirlwind of emotions was high!  There was excitement galore in the air.  Katie had been waiting for Jim and he complimented her perfectly.  Weddings were nothing new to her, she had been to her fair share, but this time, it was HERS!!!

As I watched the day unfold, it was truly remarkable to see that nothing bothered these two. If someone forgot to do something, Jim & Katie were completely unfazed.  They were focused on what was important.  Making vows to love each other for the rest of their lives. Everything just kind of fell into place seamlessly.

I loved so much about their day.  However, a few things stuck out.   Like Katie’s wedding present to Jim.  She got a book called “101 reasons why I Love You” .  Katie began working on that as they were engaged.  She had just finished the “number 101” reason why she loved Jim just a week prior to their wedding day.  These were not just simple one liners either.  She wrote 101 PARAGRAPHS people!!! and in full detail too!  WOW! What a wedding present.  Another thing that stuck out to me is that they chose to share communion together during their ceremony.  I get incredibly giddy inside when couples have the evidence of God being at the center of their relationship! One last thing that stuck out and held a lasting impression on me was at the reception.  Jim & Katie decided to forgo the Bridal Bouquet Toss.   Instead, Katie got all the single ladies on the dance floor and gave each and everyone of them a flower and asked them to wait for the perfect one that God had for them.  She urged them not to rush into a marriage, but trust that God had someone specifically for each one of them.  Someone who would compliment them and help them in every aspect of their life.  Someone that they could do the work of the Lord together!  AH-MAZING!!!!

I so enjoyed being able to photograph Jim & Katie’s wedding.  Here is a peak into their BIG day!

Michigan Wedding Photographer-107Michigan Wedding Photographer-106Michigan Wedding Photographer-110Michigan Wedding Photographer-112Michigan Wedding Photographer-113Michigan Wedding Photographer-117Michigan Wedding Photographer-118Michigan Wedding Photographer-124Michigan Wedding Photographer-125Michigan Wedding Photographer-129Michigan Wedding Photographer-130Michigan Wedding Photographer-133Michigan Wedding Photographer-134Michigan Wedding Photographer-135Michigan Wedding Photographer-136

The Details

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Getting Ready

Michigan Wedding Photographer-9Michigan Wedding Photographer-10Michigan Wedding Photographer-11Michigan Wedding Photographer-12Michigan Wedding Photographer-13Michigan Wedding Photographer-14Michigan Wedding Photographer-15Michigan Wedding Photographer-16Michigan Wedding Photographer-17Michigan Wedding Photographer-18Michigan Wedding Photographer-19Michigan Wedding Photographer-20Bride & Groom Praying/ First Look with Father

Michigan Wedding Photographer-22Michigan Wedding Photographer-21Michigan Wedding Photographer-23Michigan Wedding Photographer-24Michigan Wedding Photographer-25Michigan Wedding Photographer-26Michigan Wedding Photographer-27Michigan Wedding Photographer-28

A prayer before the ceremony

Michigan Wedding Photographer-30Michigan Wedding Photographer-32Michigan Wedding Photographer-33Michigan Wedding Photographer-34Michigan Wedding Photographer-36Michigan Wedding Photographer-37


Michigan Wedding Photographer-38Michigan Wedding Photographer-39Michigan Wedding Photographer-40Michigan Wedding Photographer-41Michigan Wedding Photographer-42Michigan Wedding Photographer-43Michigan Wedding Photographer-44Michigan Wedding Photographer-47Michigan Wedding Photographer-48Michigan Wedding Photographer-49Michigan Wedding Photographer-50Michigan Wedding Photographer-51Michigan Wedding Photographer-52Michigan Wedding Photographer-53Michigan Wedding Photographer-55Michigan Wedding Photographer-58Michigan Wedding Photographer-59Michigan Wedding Photographer-61

Downtown Muskegon

Michigan Wedding Photographer-65Michigan Wedding Photographer-66defaultMichigan Wedding Photographer-70Michigan Wedding Photographer-71Michigan Wedding Photographer-73Michigan Wedding Photographer-74Michigan Wedding Photographer-76Michigan Wedding Photographer-77Michigan Wedding Photographer-78Michigan Wedding Photographer-79Michigan Wedding Photographer-80Michigan Wedding Photographer-81Michigan Wedding Photographer-82



Michigan Wedding Photographer-84Michigan Wedding Photographer-85Michigan Wedding Photographer-86Michigan Wedding Photographer-87Michigan Wedding Photographer-88Michigan Wedding Photographer-89Michigan Wedding Photographer-90Michigan Wedding Photographer-91Michigan Wedding Photographer-92Michigan Wedding Photographer-96Michigan Wedding Photographer-93Michigan Wedding Photographer-94Michigan Wedding Photographer-97Michigan Wedding Photographer-98Michigan Wedding Photographer-153Michigan Wedding Photographer-154Michigan Wedding Photographer-155Michigan Wedding Photographer-156Michigan Wedding Photographer-100Michigan Wedding Photographer-101Michigan Wedding Photographer-102Michigan Wedding Photographer-103Michigan Wedding Photographer-104Michigan Wedding Photographer-105

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Chrysler!!!!

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