March 24, 2017

Nick & Sarah’s Classy Country Wedding

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From there we headed back to Dale to New Salem Baptist Church to get ready!  Everyone was beginning to get excited.  The stress was wearing off and everyone was starting to enjoy Sarah’s Big Day! I was wondering who was going to be the first person to cry.  Sarah had one emotional break down and then she was good for the rest of the day!  Her sister, Macie tried to make light of the situation and make her laugh so she wouldn’t ruin her make-up.  What a good big sister!  Her Mom, Cynthia was right there to make sure to do touch-ups and soon as she was done! We got Sarah all touched up and went outside to take some pictures of her and her girls. Man was it windy out! Sarah picked her matron of honor to be her sister, Macie Payne and her other two bridesmaids were Carson Carrell & Danielle Seidel.  Flower girls were Alyssa & Alicia French.  The windy conditions made us take a little longer outside then what our timeline gave us and Sarah and Nick almost saw each other.  But Luke, Sarah’s brother came to the rescue.  From there on out.  We stuck to the timeline.  Got our Groom getting ready and finished up everything we had to do before the wedding started. Nick & Sarah did not want to see each other until the wedding, but did want to pray together before the wedding.  Although, Im not sure how much praying actually got done.  LOL!  We were in the foyer and people were everywhere.

FINALLY, It was time to start!  The wedding was so detailed and filled with so many special moments. After the ceremony, Nick and Sarah got hammered with all that bird seed.  It took us forever to get it off of them.  Man, their guests were relentless.  LOL!  We laughed so hard about that!  Poor Sarah, had it all down her dress.  Oh, what fun!Before everyone left to head to the reception, we were able to catch a few tender moments between the bride and groom. Now it was off to the Reception which was held at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds Floral Hall in McLeansboro, Illinois!  Such a fun and lively reception.  The food was amazing, the guests got up and danced and we finished off the day celebrating the Newly Weds!

So glad to have been part of the beautiful day!  Congratulations to Nick & Sarah.  May God truly bless your marriage and may you live happily ever after!






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